Sea walk

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1. What is it?
A sea walk is essentially a walk on the seabed, usually at shallow depths, allowing participants to observe and interact with marine life up close.
 It's a mix between snorkeling and diving but doesn’t require the participant to swim.

2. Equipment:
Participants typically wear a clear, oxygenated helmet that covers their head and shoulders. This helmet is connected to an oxygen source on the surface, 
allowing the person to breathe normally without the use of a mouthpiece or a mask. The weight of the helmet also helps in keeping the participant firmly on the sea floor. Additionally, participants wear suitable footwear to protect their feet from sharp objects or critters.

3. Experience:
While underwater, participants can observe coral formations, schools of colorful fish, and other marine life. Depending on the location, 
they might also encounter larger marine creatures or unique underwater landscapes. The clear helmet offers a 180-degree view, ensuring that participants don't miss out on any of the underwater wonders.

4. Duration:
A typical sea walk lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes, though this can vary based on the operator and the participant's comfort level.

5. Pre-requisites:
Generally, there are no specific skills required for a sea walk. Even non-swimmers can partake. However, there might be age and health restrictions. 
Participants are usually briefed about safety measures and given hand signals for communication before the walk.

6. Advantages over Diving:
For those who might be apprehensive about diving, or for those who don't want to invest time in a diving course, sea walking is an easier alternative. 
It doesn't require any special training, and the participants are always at a shallow depth, which makes it less intimidating for many.

7. Environmental Impact:
Like all marine activities, it's essential for operators to ensure that sea walks are conducted responsibly. Participants should be instructed not to touch or
disturb the marine life and corals. It's important to choose operators who prioritize ecological responsibility and conservation.

In Conclusion:
A sea walk is an immersive experience that opens up the wonders of the underwater world to those who might not be keen on diving or snorkeling. 
With the right equipment and guidance, it becomes a memory to cherish for a lifetime.